Text 4 Mar KmartGamer is going to E3 2011 — and I can too?

Well isn’t this a nice thing that Kmart Gamer is doing? They are admitting that they are too busy to cover the entirety of E3 due to business obligations that they are willing to send three people along to help cover. Not just any three people, but three bloggers to help spread the gaming goodness as well as generate content for their site. These three bloggers are, well they haven’t figured that out yet which is where the rest of this goes.

So I normally don’t do these kinds of things, but due to a lot of political crap surrounding E3 it looks like this may be my last and only chance to get into the show this year to do my normal coverage. Let me tell you the full story.

So due to “high demand” to be allowed to go to E3 and a member of the press, the people behind the approvals have had to lock down and limit the number of people showing up from each outlet. It’s been something huge in the gaming community and news for the last month. This decision has also pissed off A LOT of smaller sites and outlets because they can only have one or two members or none at all go this year.

Before I continue on, this is the fault of all these smaller site and outlets in my opinion. I know when I have gone in the years past I have seen blogging sites that get very little traffic have upwards of eight people on the show floor. Now when your site only gets 3000 visits a month there is something majorly wrong and you are just abusing the system to get gaming enthusiast who pretend to be press/bloggers into the Mecca for gamers. I know this, because on my first year in attendance I was one of those people. But this was three years ago.

This brings it back to me.

After that first year, I was actually put off a bit by the people attending the show as press. Yes there were some people from these smaller outlets that were working their asses off to try and earn their pass, but for every one of them there were fifteen people there just to play the new games first. After the first day of being in that category I was sickened by this and quickly tried to earn my pass I was given that first year. I drained two phone batteries and a laptop battery churning out content for my site, AggroGamer.com, and feeding my twitter/facebook followers little tidbits.

This was actually the first time I took the power given to me seriously. I dove into being a Blogger/Journalist as a real thing and not just a means to an end. That end now being to bring the news of these events back to other game enthusiast who couldn’t make it for whatever reason.

Now after doing just as I’ve stated for a few years now, because we over at AggroGamer.com are not big celebrities or post the “Scare Tactic” or “Sensational” articles/blogs we were left off the cool kids list. Yes we could probably post things that have nothing to do with gaming but would drive accidental visitors to the site but at the cost of our integrity. We are not journalists that are settling on coving games but we are TRUE gamers that like to spread the news. Most of the big “Game Journalists” I’ve met have issues beating a single level in Megaman. True Story.

We need real gamers covering news for gamers. Period. End of story. This is just what I would do if I ended up being one of the lucky three selected.

Good luck to the rest of the Gamers who Blog out there.

For more of my Blog work, please look at AggroGamer.com were I am the Chief Editor.


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